Sheltowee Trace Summer Events


The first Saturday in June is National Trail Days.  A time set aside to recognize the importance of trails in our lives.  This year we are combining hiking with a little trail maintenance and shelter cleaning.   Volunteers are needed to hike the less than 3 miles out to our three shelters and clean the trail, clear the areas around the shelters, clean out fire rings and check the shelters for damage.  Please consider giving back a few hours to help us out at Bark Camp, Starr and Cotton Patch shelter.  In order for us to add more shelters we need to continue to show our land manger partners that we can take care of the one's on the Trace now. To learn more and to volunteer click the link below. Teams meet at 9:00 am on Saturday, June 3rd and should be finished by 1:00 pm.


Teams participating in the 2017 Hiker Challenge will pass the halfway point on their 323 mile adventure in June.  The schedule is shuffled a bit for vacations with teams hiking the first, second, and third weekends of the month.        The path takes them from Highway 421 through S-Tree and into the Horse Lick Creek area.  One more road walk down as they pass the halfway point just off Highway 490 and head into the woods to their end point at Wildcat.     More details can be found at the link below.  To register for section 6 click the link below.

SIGNS, SIGNS, EVERYWHERE SIGNS    ​Directional signs are essential to accessing the Trace at any one of over 60 road crossings.  We all see them, the red, white and blue, National Recreation Trail signs.  Most have been in place for over 30 years and are in need of replacing.  This summer the STA, with your financial support, is hoping to start replacing these signs.  Our goal is to replace 20 of those in the worst condition.  Each sign will cost $50.00 for us to replace. Click the link below to make your donation and help us raise the funds needed to keep the Trace accessible and visible to all users. We'll even let you know when we are replacing your sign so you can come help if you like. Click the link below to join us in this effort with your donation today.

 SHARE YOUR ADVENTURE                      ​The STA Annual Conference and Member Meeting will take place late September, early October.  We are always looking for presentations on other trails and adventures.  If your summer travel plans call for visiting a National Park, a National Forest for a hike, bike ride or horseback ride and you wish to share your adventure during the Conference, please let us know.  Presentations should be 20 minutes in length and give the audience a sense of the process you went through organizing the trip, the highlights of the trip and any lessons learned from your experience.  To get on the agenda please send an email to